How Much Are You Willing To Change For The Ones You Love?

My dear readers,

how much are you willing to change for the ones you love?

You can’t deny change. Its all around us. We adjust to it, we hate it, we do it willingly or unwillingly.

Then comes love. When they say people do anything for love..where do you draw the line then?

Dressing.Personality.Looks. The three common things we wanna change in our partners.

We don’t feel it. but sometimes we unconsciously change the ones we love into something we want/dream.

I admit I did it.

But when is that change too much?

I’ve watched friends become a totally different people when they are attached. Yes, accept changes. But not

to the point where i don’t recognise you anymore. You’re a totally different person, whether its for good or for bad.

When your boyfriend/girlfriend to tell you to change your hairstyle, change the way you dress, change the way you do things, be more open, lose that inch of fat,be more caring, don’t shout, don’t smoke, don’t go out with friends till late, do you really listen to what he/she says?

If change has become a one-sided constant and drastic thing in your relationship, in terms of the three things i said, i’m sorry for you. Either you’re controlling his/her life or he/she is controlling your life.

I think people should learn how to draw the line.

People won’t recognise you anymore once it gets out of hand.


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