letting go of him and mooncakes,painful decisions

i hate painful decisions but in the end, if its gonna be good for me or others then why not??

I realise I can’t be in a relationship where giving my 100% is never enough. Where he always manages

to put in so much more and ends up making me feel worthless. Its not an excuse i swear. And he has someone else

who is head over heels for him. Truth is I shouldn’t have gotten jealous about them cause the relationship between them is

amazing and I had no right acting all childish, posting about them and getting all bitter about it. I’m just sad that we can’t be

that way.I know its gonna be hard trying to let you go, but we know we have to, how long can we hold this out?

You have my blessings, if it means anything.heh.

On a lighter note, okay, maybe not so. Mooncake festival is here, all the delicious mooncakes on sale everywhere.

Making me jealous cause i’m trying not to eat it cause of the “700-800 kcal per mooncake” thing. NO, i ain’t losing weight

Just preventing weight gain ok? No diets. Minimal exercise. Thats the way to go.

There goes my annual routine of savouring Raffles Hotel mooncakes.=/


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