Silence!!! My Dum Dum Wants to Speak!!=)



TIKI HEAD:”You give me Gum Gum!”

LARRY: “I give you gum gum?”

TIKI HEAD:”You Dum Dum, you give me Gum Gum!”

LARRY:”Oh yeah, okay, you know what i have no gum gum sorry and my name isn’t dum dum, its larry.”

TIKI HEAD:”Noooo…your name DUM DUM!”

TIKI HEAD:”OOhhhhhh!! You in trouble, dum dum, you better run run from atilla the hun hun!!”

larry runs…

TIKI HEAD:” See you later dum dum”


1 Response to “Silence!!! My Dum Dum Wants to Speak!!=)”

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