I’m taking one day at a time.

Today was a rather humdrum day.I did almost nothing. This is what it really means to die of boredom.

I’m looking forward to the oh-so exhilarating weekend.weekend filled with percussion.

Babies, i’m bringing emo back. Those of you seeing me on friday will understand.heh.

I had a peculiar conversation with the tailor today.

Tailor:(took a deep breath) wahhh…nice smell.

Me: Oh Ok 

Tailor:What perfume you use ah?


Tailor:OHHH.Channneel! Wooooahhh!

Tailor:(folding my jeans and taking another whiff) How much ah one bottle?

Me:90 for a big bottle. 

Tailor:wah so expensive leh darling.90 ?????


Tailor:(passing me my jeans) nice nice.(takes another whiff)

She’s so funny i swear. My mum finds her cute.I dunno why. Her reaction is damn classic.(WOOOAAAHHHH)

Reminds me of the lady at fengshan cc during national day parade. Here’s a lil picture to explain to you.fengshananimated.jpg

this all happened at fengshan cc national day dinner. They had the chinese wedding dinner table set ups with standing fans in between, covering the whole basketball courts. So My band, my cousins and I were waiting for our turn to perform so we sat by the side under the “shelter”.

Let’s talk about aunty 4 at table 3. The aunties there were talking and talking, me and aresha couldn’t hear them so we started mimicking what they saying. Suddenly all of them started looking under the table. At a piece of tissue. And this aunty number 4 went “WOAHHHHHH” with her mouth wide open,that cracked me and aresha up like mad.

Then now with table 1 and 2, though they were talking in mandarin, me, aresha and aruna sort of understand what they were trying to say. Not to be disrespectful but you do not exploit youths like this. So, the whole thing went like this,

Aunty 1: girl, girl come here.(called out to one of my chinese friends)

Aunty 1: bring the fan in(towards where we were sitting)

my friend brought it in.

Aunty 3 at table 2: I’m so hot. Don’t put the fan so far away. Push it back to where it was.

my friend brought in out again.

Aunty 2: I’m so cold ah. and the fan is too strong.

Aunty 1: You bring it back in can?

My friend was about to bring it back in.

Me:(my most disrespectful voice)Do you want the fan or not(in english)?

Aunty1:(In the most high-pitched,helium filled voice) I want!!!Put inside!!!!!!

Me and aresha and aruna waited till she turned around till we laughed our asses off. literally rolling on the floor.

The way she said it was sooooo classic.If you were there you’d understand. Anyhow, its still the joke we reminisce at every meeting


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