For the perfection-seekers out there.


I’m back in therapy, once again.

As lazy as I am, i felt as though I was steering my emotions, beyond what I could cope.

Being back in there, gave me some sort of comfort and I felt like I was heard after days of feeling like I was all alone.

Something I learn today was that, we can’t live the perfect lives we want.

And the truth is, we all wanna be that skinny, rich, clever, socially-loved, the object of envy girl.

Truth is we can’t. At one point of time, we have to realise its non existent.

Its because of the perfect mindset, we seem to have lately, that certain people have their self-esteems through the floor.

What’s scary is that its starting at a younger and younger age.

Here’s something I got off dove’s campaign for real beauty.


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