My weekend in a nutshell….NOT!

If friday is considered a weekend, then here I go telling you what a bi-polar weekend I had on a day-to-day basis.

Friday:My interview with Ms Joanne from the campaign for real beauty thing. Nice people I tell you. Then it was band, where I totally drew the line, cause I was fed up.More later.

Saturday:Band practice at my house.or rather the park. Then Aresha, Amit, Aruna, Ashwin and me headed to the zoo.Loads of fun I tell you. Except for the fact that this stupid chinese couple over-reacted thinking that Ashwin wanted to attack them when actually he was agitated and decided to run off. The most stupid question they asked was, are you from India? Didn’t understand what did that have to do with anything. But we brought him home and went out again.We ended up at Siglap to borrow dvds and buy some food. And then to East Coast to eat dinner. And then we ended up at Night Safari. Which was fun cause we were laughing at every little thing. We got off the tram and went for the leopard trail and couldn’t see much but we were fascinated by the automated voice info board which had four different voices for the four different language. So we started pressing it…and one of them was about the clouded tiger. In malay, tiger is harimau. And we pressed the thing it went”Harimau ini………” then we pressed it over and over and it become our song “harimau ini harimau ini, harimau ini….” We did that with all the different boards all over the trail..It was really damn fun.

So on the way back, we sat on the tram again, the tour guide went ” on your right, you’re looking at Barking Deer sitting on the grass.It is called the barking deer because it barks exactly like a dog” you know how dogs go ” woof, woof or ruff ruff” or whatever. Some lady way behind us went “Bark bark (in a way a dog would sound)” We were roaring with laughter all the way. no dog goes bark bark. Anyway, we ended up back at her house watching dvds all night.

Sunday: The soka performance.I started the day damn early. did my “cornrows”. And when I headed back at about 10am it rained.And i realised that none of the instruments were wrapped. My dad kind of woke up late. I was still a mess. I was stunned for awhile cause I didn’t know where to start. Thank god azlin came and then halimah came. So they got cracking on the instruments while I got ready. I was so flustered carrying the instruments and was getting calls after calls one by one from band mates who were at soka, I wanted to scream, really. By the time I got to soka I was fine, I guess. I just did whatever I had to do. Realised I didn’t eat so I felt faint-ish just before our final rehearsal.But I got thru it.The whole performance in fact. Oh yeah, I got an eye candy there. His name is Alvin. god damn cute!! Anyway the turnout was great, the 2 nannies for our group were extremely wonderful.They are so caring. And the performance was a total hype.

My band had a real serious talk after that.It was basically verbal vomit. We all had something to say and I admit I had flaws when contributing to the band but in the end I really couldn’t see them eye-to-eye. I knew it was only the beginning for the band, but it started out all wrongly and its a mess now. My regret was initiating it cause I was bearing the whole brunt of the band on my shoulders which made me frustrated and made me doubt them.

Plus almost all came from the same batch and they are more closely knittedThe whole problem is by giving up my place and transport for the band was basically convenience, knowing that the instruments were in safe hands and it would be convenient to transport it from school and back to school. The next thing was I hated the attitude of the band mates cause it was becoming more and more self centered the more I looked at them..

By the way, Cindy’s a bitch, she’s not even in the band and she wants to have her say. And it was all about her being hungry. just fuck off. You were so fucking lucky, I didn’t scream at you.

It was better that me,sha, azlin and halimah left.Reason being sha and azlin need someone to guide them with basics and I don’t think I’m that great to lead them. And I know being in the band can be stressful and I feel for them. As for Halimah, she was basically out casted back in secondary school and for reasons she doesn’t know. And I know what its like to be in a group with one or few people who have grudges against you. You just can’t function. I feel that whatever that was said in secondary school should be left in secondary school. By bringing it into band its just childish, a year on, and you still can’t forgive a friend, it says so much.Even worse, you don’t tell the person what is the whole tiff about.

With that said, its better for us to leave, be in a band with a total fresh start. Knowing we have a place, already have instruments and have a CC to back us up.


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