Lovesick randoms..

So i was feeling lovesick…and out of randomness I wanted to google it. And here are some interesting pictures I found.

(click to enlarge)


This picture titled lovesick apparently sold for $1500.


This is a tanning lotion(i shit you not.) called lovesick by this brand called brown sugar. Apparently it comes with titles like sweet cream, princess, queen, girlfriend, girl, love and many more.


This beanie baby puppy is called lovesick.


This pink arabic(?) man is love sick.


Sunset at lovesick lake.(I shit you not once again.)

and then most of them were this movie called love sick. and then a book about this hank wiliams guy also entitled lovesick.

Missed horribly…


1 Response to “Lovesick randoms..”

  1. 1 vinylrichie
    October 4, 2007 at 9:49 pm

    There’s a great book called ‘Love Sick’ by Frank Tallis. I ‘heartily’ recommend it if you’re feeling lovelorn and hopeless.

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