Celebrities+Freebies=Ugly Singaporeans

The shoot was absolutely fun till Singaporeans decided to show their ugly side.

The whole day started out with us at Mel’s house at 8am, to find out the bus will only come at 10am.

So we ate,dolled yourselves up and went down to have a lil rehearsal.

We got on the bus and headed to mediacorp studios where we waited for them to finish their shoot there.

We got to see the hot guys who will be on deal or no deal…they are really HOTT!!some of them at least.

So waited till about 1 plus nearly 2. Delayed here and there due to the heavy rain. Anyway, we ate at chinatown, as in the crew, producers, celebs and all.

Then the filming started. We got to perform at the traffic light when it turned red. Supposedly, the longest waiting time for a traffic light……..70seconds. We had a few takes here and there. Then, the nightmare began.

We went outside people’s park to film and people saw and literally started forming a circle around the crew, celebs and us.

There were at least hundred or not more people waiting to see what happens.

Then, the realised that there were freebies to be given out…they rushed for it. pushing and shoving past us.

They had to stop filming and took the camera somewhere else while the band created a barrier and started pushing the crowd back.Little success but at least, it helped.

Later on for our last shoot with the nokia bus, which drew another crowd, one of the celebs, Aileen, she put her arm my shoulder and grabbed me so tight and asked if we were okay, cause we looked really traumatised, and she told me how, in particular, the men were the scary ones. Earlier on she said that in chinatown, anything that is free, everyone there wants their hands on it. But it was really nice of her to like take the time to talk to me.

Here’s some of the hundreds of pics ripped off regina’s blog.








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