Money.We need it.

A friend once told me, he’ll die without his/his parents money.

And he was all complacent about it. And then the fight happened with us.

And I told him, he threw his money around, like it was cheap dirt.( I said it out of anger)

Not knowing he made the effort to change.

He sold his car for a cheaper one, he’s moving in December to new house(exclusive but cheaper than his current one)

He made money from selling his hardly used instruments, invested his money.

And he called me and told me it was difficult, but it comforted him knowing that he had more money put aside in case of emergency.

That doesn’t change the betrayal, but credits to you for making the effort.

My mum told me I could be rich if I wanted to. She taught me everything I needed to know about saving money.

If only I could stop the habit of taking cabs wherever I went. You know what….I will try. 2008 shall be the year where I take cabs the least.=)


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