Been dragging myself to work though i got a damn bad flu..

and wearing  a mask has never been so hard for me. I can hardly breathe in it.

My mum woke me up yesterday evening while i was taking a nap.Here’s our conversation:

Mum: Primela.Wake up, why are you sleeping?

Me:Tired and I think I’m sick.

Mum: I know you’re brother is sick,are you sure you’re sick? (he is soooo not okay!!)

Me:Yeah, I think you better get out of the room, its full of germs.

Mum: You wait.(she walks out….i fall asleep)

Mum:(comes in and sticks a thermometer in my mouth)


Mum: woah..you must be having dengue man, you wanna go the doctor?

Me: No..whatever for…I don’t have dengue,its just a normal flu.

Mum: Okay, missy, you said it.(walks out)

Times like this i need a good slap on my forehead.

And my mum thinks the whole replacing days you miss attachment is rubbish.

I hope i recover by friday. In time for the gig on sunday at dxo…woohoo..

Anyway, the second pic was on sunday when i got a bad hangover from saturday night and i had to meet tim the next morning.


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