Baby, how could you have done that….

Can I tell this story anonymously…?

I was attached. For 2 weeks with Boy A.

Unfortunately Boy A was a wee bit overprotective and constantly  had problems with me not being able to make up my mind and not meeting him and going out with other guys.

So we had our major fight Friday night, where I was with my friends at potong pasir… he had a problem with too many guys being there. Can’t blame them though…they are a band. And he was like “why don’t you just go home now.”  My obvious reaction was you’re not my mum. And I told him if he liked he could come here. So I gave him the exact location to  where I was.

He didn’t turn up.

Then later that night, Boy B ( a guy I nearly hooked up with but he slept with another girl in Australia & Boy A’s ex- best friend) called and told me he saw Boy A at MOS, making out with another girl, and somehow I doubted Boy B but that nagging feeling told me its true. So then hell broke loose behind my house when all 3 of us were there. Turns out whatever Boy A did was true…and I told him we needed to break things off. He was resistant, but I made it clear to both of them, they were cheaters and one thing I couldn’t stand was betrayal.

Boy A stalked me on saturday at Siloso…his friend was his evil spy…..at first he told me, boy A was searching for me, then he told me, he saw me but didn’t want to approach just watched me from a far . You know how freaked out I was…

Anyway, I can’t say that I was serious about Boy A…. it didn’t affect me much…but he was hell cute…like way out of my league kind of guy….. but now… all I can think about is Boy C….. for 3 years always thought he was cute…never got a chance to tell him that cause now he’s attached….but his smile….makes me melt everytime… really.=)

 And I …..miss you the most…


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