Lesson learnt.

People rarely hear me talking about god. But at times when you realise you’re all alone, you know you have god by your side. Hard to believe that i’ll be talking about god. But when I was bummed out about stuff like attachments and friends. I prayed for determination. And it helps really. Sounds stupid, but sometimes after running long distances, I pray to god that it’ll be windy…and I get it all the time. haha.

Right now, I’d like to think that I’ve cut out the people who have/had made my life miserable. I don’t see the point in hanging out with them when all I feel when I’m with them is either hatred or dread. If their apology is sincere then of course I’ll try to forget.  No longer do I plan to be gullible and let people step all over me. Cut out the unappreciative people, and people who only want to go out with me to pass time.

People have been questioning my commitment to people in my love life. I guess right now, it doesn’t matter if I commit or not, I don’t see the reason why I have to be so serious with a person I don’t think I’m even gonna marry. Marriage shouldn’t be on my mind right now. I’m only 20. heh. But then again, in this superficial, “outer looks matter” world, its gonna be hard to find someone who’ll be true to you or rather me. If only looks didn’t matter…

With that aside, if you all haven’t checked out one of my favourite local bands.  You should Valentine’s Letter….you can either visit their blog, myspace or search youtube for their live vids.

Anyway, The Used cd is my new love. I’m beginning to love all their songs.



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