Superficiality coming from a kid….typical…

how lovely it would be if i had the time to blog about every single fucking minute of my life..

anyway, attachments are nearly ending…can you feel my joy?

i feel like a let down to a few people.Like promises i can’t keep cause things are not going my way. but i know they understand.

I’ve been busy out and about with friends, going for gigs, going for band. till my mum banned me…so i’m grounded…at the age of nearly 21….

my fun is always with VLC guys….though i’m not all the time,out with them but the late nights once in a while…is fun…

Deafcon9 was kind of humdrum event for me…i was busy taking pictures..i know VL felt great..they did fabulous…it was just my mood that day…killed it.

And it got worse at night….people one by one started killing my mood.

Esp the superficial one.changed my mind about thinking maybe she’s not so bad after all…  I don’t know what’s her story and I don’t really care… cause she looks way pathetic to me. I’m slowly cutting the number of people i’m nice to…and she’s one of them, along with a certain someone i dread seeing recently.


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