Let me take you there//

I once told a guy that if i got married and had my first child, I’d ink myself a pair of angel wings across my back. I’d always be the child’s mum/protector/guardian/angel.

I didn’t think that guy was even listening to me.

Today he showed me his tattoo…i screamed and got utterly jealous.

He said “2 angels for a child is better than 1. Can’t wait till you get yours.”

And he gives me that smile that melts my heart all the time….

All i could think about was this song…


*it meant the world to me 


1 Response to “Let me take you there//”

  1. 1 guidedangel
    February 6, 2008 at 1:29 am

    I have always wanted an angel across my back with faith written in a banner in between the wings….. funny how people who have never spoke have something similiar in common.. im going to now download that song because I love plain white t’s radios in heaven but had never heard this song.. amazing.. and tell that ‘guy’ nice tat.. xx

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