hello there.

3 things I was looking over the internet. Amazing.

1)Check this article out about Dubai. As much as i think its interesting at the same time its kind of freaky. They are trying to out-do everything in the world. Before you know it, they could be tearing down their currrent dubai huge ferris wheel thingy(almost like our singapore flyer.) And build it way bigger. And they might even create roller coasters or buildings that literally bring you into space. Then again, they ARE rich and they’ve got loads of land.


this is damn interesting. I swear. the Ukulele Orchestra playing nirvana’s Smells Like Teen Spirit. Kudos.


People banging the drums from ages 1 to 100. I swear its damn cool. Taken in Britain.

I wish I lived till i’m hundred and still will be able to play drums like i am now.

MOre to come when i’m bored or something.


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