Thinking back…

I recently met up with my secondary school classmates. Two of them in fact.Been in contact with them on and off eversince I left school. I can’t believe like how much we talked, gossiped and reminisce over half the things that happened in school.

As much as I hated the teachers and the damn system of the school.  My friends/ classmates made it hell of a ride back in secondary school. I admit that life is better now cause back then my freedom was in the pits. But hell lot of memories.

I actually went back to my school last Wednesday. I just looked into the classrooms. Trying to remember where all my classrooms were…where I used to sit during recess. Where we used to skip classes at.

School was the best during lower sec days. I remember vandalizing the  tables, walking around school aimlessly, being carefree after exams(we could do whatever we wanted), cleaning classrooms, designing classroom walls, chasing teachers out, camps (orientation camp was the best), socialising.

After that school became a bugger, change of principal, teacher’s start being a bitch, detention(famously known as RTC), classmates start framing other classmates(which lead to suspension for some of us), losing good friends, fights etc.

That’s when I got pissed with the teachers, I nearly got retained at sec 3, teachers started looking down on a group of us, which pissed us off, Sec 4 I turned around with the motivation of few of my classmates and a certain someone back then.

Lead me to becoming one of the top in my class. And by then I had changed my friends, changed over-all. That teachers had their tongue-tied. I remember one of the teachers, who used to pick on me during my lower sec days, came up to me and said, “I heard you’re doing very well, congratulations.”

Lamest thing I got :most improved conduct award(at the end of Sec 4)

and I’ll never forget the other friends I made along the way, who are now my bandmates, who helped me set the band up.

At the end, the memories were still good. Sha has been always there for me from then till now.

And I believe what someone told me is true, “the friends you make in secondary school are the ones who will always be TRUE friends.”

And all the other friends I made after that, are probably why I’m still living it up right now.=)



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