If I could run away,right now…I would…

run away.jpg

Cause I’ve lost my confidence…trying to make love work. Trying to move on when he’s almost everywhere i go.

Just when I thought the ex didn’t want to see me ever again, after i saw his face  holding another girl’s hand, he called, we met….

he made me overcome my fear of cats today. Almost everyone i know, knows i hate cats.

And I wanted to find the courage to talk to Mr. K today. but i couldn’t. I stared at his profile for damn long thinking I could send him a message saying hi and telling him that we should definitely meet up again. I couldn’t. I couldn’t match up to his standards of girls.  I was way beneath him in many ways. I found myself crying just now , where the fuck has my confidence gone to?

And then the band guy shows his concern.


It sucks.

Try being me, my life is not all great and glamorous.

And this is just the beginning of all my problems.

So don’t say your life is just fucked up.

Put on twice your weight….and then tell me how fucked up your life is.


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