When letting go is a real big problem..

I just realised, i have issues letting someone/ something go.

Like how when people offend me, I can be okay around that person, but deep down inside, there is always that grudge. And as much I would like to get rid of that anger I can’t.

Like how I saved a stray dog. I fed and cared for it for a week. Then my mum says we can’t keep it out there. And when I let that dog go, in the middle of nowhere, how my heart ached so much, and i never prayed so much in my life that the dog would be okay wherever it is right now. I can’t let go, I have been crying eversince i let that dog go, cause it was the most perfect dog i’ve ever seen.

Like how the ex always pops up in my life at the time when i’m down in the dumps. He tells me everything is gonna be alright. And when I believe him, my life becomes a whole lot better. Then he tries the sweetest things on earth to win my heart back, only to break it after a few months of getting together.  And now, he makes it harder to let go, no matter what I try, he’s one step ahead.

I could continue but…I just don’t want to.

mum asked me if i was excited for my party…i’m not at the moment, truthfully

cause of the shit that has been happening recently…and i don’t think i can enjoy my party with an unwell tummy….

but if i though positively right now… i mean right now… the things to look forward to that day

1) getting my nails, hair and makeup done

2)wearing my dress

3)seeing my friends/ex classmates/VLC

4)VL performance

5)dancing, food, drinking



laura and hester, love reminiscing with you guys.=)

* “let’s keep things behind closed doors, because then we get lost in our own world, where no one is there to judge us, upset us and no one will tell us we can’t make this last forever. cause love goes beyond looks and religion, the 2 things people commonly scrutinize. In short: I’m falling in love with someone,people say ,I shouldn’t be in love with but I don’t care.” – he said=)

**“As cliche as this sounds, you had me at hello. Its hard to tell what I’m feeling right now, but I can tell this is gonna be something great”- I said.

Tonight and everynight I pray that I’m over the ex. That the new guy takes everything away.


1 Response to “When letting go is a real big problem..”

  1. 1 melissa(nyp)
    April 6, 2008 at 2:19 am

    hey prim!
    happen to see this post, and HEY GER! u can do it ya? take care take care!

    u’re looking great jus now at the party!
    i reali do hope u enjoyed urself.
    its YOUR party!

    take care girl.

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