Post party blues and ya-hoooooss

Party of life or rather the last party that my parents will sponsor.. is over..

From last week till the day itself its been hectic for my mum…..and sometimes me.

Till i fell really sick, had to go A&E all…

So i tried not being the brat fews days before my party, tried to make my mum happy and stuff

I had band practice every evening.

Leading up to the oh-so-good performance. We performed at NYP, i would like to think our music was damn good that everyone(including the lecturers) started dancing. Su’s blog for pictures. And I’m sorry that we are so so so much better now than you know which band.=)

The cheering was unbelievable.

Then the next day, the chaos began…

my mum did my silver nails, then went to the chalet, then went to the salon, then waited to do my make up, then waited for the photographer.

I felt like i could never reach the party.

the calls and msges nearly killed me, lucky su helped me with all of it.

But in the end. I had fun. the VL performance, the soulja boy dance, talking to new and old friends, every single moment of my party was great. At the end of it all….it was my relatives and the VLC dancing the night away till 2 plus.

then VLC gathered at the chalet with the exception of a few people=(

drinking, talking crap, hardly space to sleep the first night. and i lost my voice that night, I think it had to do with the flaming Lamborghini i had and all that vomiting(cause of my unwell tummy)

i slept nicely the next night.and I opened my presents the next day(thank you!) and i kept reading the guestbook/scrapbook that Su made, fucking a lot of effort i tell you!!

So if you wanna see posts and pictures and stuff, I suggest you read Su’s blog or halimah’s blog or those who came for the party

and hester thanks for the photos.

AND please please people stop asking me for the photos i’ll let you know when I have them.

give me 2 weeks cause i need to choose them photos.

Oh yeah, in case you didn’t know, its kind of basic courtesy to tell a person if you are or not going for the party, personally. Then again, they made me realise, that most of them were never really my true friends in the first place. So fuck them.=)(yeah i don’t give a shit about what you’re gonna say about this post, assholes.)

So after it all, its back to reality, my mum being a horrible bitch ( i really mean it) till it has come to the point i wanna pack up and leave, but i don’t have the money. Everyday the screaming.

And only one person who is there for me 24/7. =)

For some apparent reason, the tall guy decides to spring a surprise on me at my house, yesterday. Held a cupcake in his hand and sang me a birthday song. There I looked sleepy and not at my best. Everything that happened after that was extremely sweet.=))

Today the tall guy asked me if i brought an umbrella, after it started to pour like mad at tanjong pagar, i told him i didn’t. And after I was done with work, there he was waiting at the lobby with an umbrella(and it stopped raining)  We were practically freezing in the cab cause the driver was a moron.

And i tend to ask guys stupid questions when I’m on dates. But the answers he gave somehow convinced me that he might(the word is might) not be that kind of typical guy.

I don’t know why you love me                                                                                                                   that is why i love you                                                                                                                                you catch me when I fall

accept me…..flaws and all=)


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