Friday was kind of a special day for me cause i got “my precious”!! yes. Halimah and I headed to Sim Lim to get my long-awaited camera. Though I was looking for the Sony semi-pro cam, this camera was way better. It took a hell lot of persuasion from the salesman for me to budge. But bargaining from $630 to $500. Way worth it. Felt the pinch once i paid for it.

Then the ex had to ruin the evening by squeezing the last drop of happiness out of me.asshole!

It was kind of made up on Saturday. When my twin, hafi and I went for our secret adventure at East Coast.

What we did, you’ll never want to know.

The highlight was watching Peepshow live at the Ballyhoo album launch over at Arts House. Okay, I kind of exaggerated when i said Sue and I were their biggest fans. Truth is, I love their music. Probably because I can relate to the lyrics. And its a plus that they were friendly enough to come up and thank us for coming. Cause some bands that I’ve seen, could care less.

they’ll be having their Ep launch on the 10th of May(Saturday) at The Chambers, Arts House at 4.30pm. Free admission, do buy their Ep!!!Visit their myspace if you wanna know more about them and stuff.

So earlier I was watching the repeat of Grey’s anatomy and this song came on… and it reminded me how i should just keep moving forward. no matter what people say or do…or how many disappointments i face along the way or how many mistakes i make. Cause its no use sitting down and crying or getting angry at yourself thinking about the “should-haves” and the “if only”.

You must be wondering right now..”when did Prim get so positive?”…

Its because of a certain person, he kind of changed my life…..though he walked away from whatever we had.

*All that I know is I’m breathing now.=)


1 Response to “Remember..!”

  1. 1 suee
    April 21, 2008 at 10:59 pm

    gahh. no fair.
    how come ur blog can fit such a laaaarge picture?
    mine is so cramped up~
    then the pixels go all funny.
    wooots peepshow was fun!

    cant wait for ep launch
    work better dont be on the same day~~
    *crosses fingers tightly.

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