Hoping words could move you….

I thought highly of you…

What i heard….caused me to doubt you.

Could you really hang on to her every word?

I’m hoping you’ll prove me wrong after you’re done with her.

You’re gonna lose people who also thought highly of you, if they ever find out.

You still have a long long way to go and acting the way you are now, won’t get you far.

I tried my best to bring you down to earth as often as I could, not to be self-centered. But it seems your ego got the best of you.

Don’t ask me why your life its the way it is…..you brought it upon yourself. You have to realise that…

Something she left in me remains imperfect,
My heart, proceeded to it’s banishment
The blame may hang upon your chest
I know, all hearts dance with comforts
And the wounds I bear will not live in vain
I know hearts dance comforts

I stumbled when I saw your intention
I screamed “from my eyes flow compassion for you!”
Hoping words could,
Hoping words could move you.

That this place is an enemy, full of harsh words and hearsay
And if this city were to go down in flames would you think to blow it out?
With such a weak breath or run about the streets
Run about the streets, crying confusion


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