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Watch me run the next few days…

The next few days will have me running in all directions. Exaggeration.

A pinch of alcohol in the afternoon was what I needed today. I actually told my boss that I had to go off.. no explanation was needed. I met Sha at East Coast. A a bottle of cold Heineken each. Then we went home. Fatigue. heh. Anyway, I didn’t start my morning on the right foot. I got into the train, hoping the train would rebound at Pasir Ris, lil did I know that it terminated there. So I got on the other train(already late for work), then the horror began. Next to me was an typical indian couple, the lady was sitting next to me and one whiff,came the overpowering stench of coconut oil, i nearly hurled. I’m not being racist BUT a little coconut oil on your hair would be okay, but her hair was practically shining and i could see my reflection. Exaggeration once again. So i felt sick,on an empty stomach. She made it worse. I was well in my seat, I wasn’t taking up any place, guess my ass ain’t that big anymore. She had to face her husband so her hip was basically jabbing the side of my hip and thigh. Sitting at the corner doesn’t help, I practically felt squashed.

That story aside.

I’m running the next few days cause I’ve jam-packed my friday and saturday.

Friday is band practice from 2pm-8pm. At night i’ll be out with laura.

Saturday morning, i have to head to school to get my grad gown. Then home, then to band at 2pm. Then peepshow’s EP launch from 4pm-7pm…. back to band at 7.30pm(crossing my fingers I can make it in time). If not I have to meet the band at Changi Beach Club, then performance at 9pm.

My precious will have a fun this weekend.=)

FYI:My precious is mr.fujifilm came-Raaaaaa

*let’s get complicated…=)


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