Come back to me!

I had an awesome time, the past weekend.

I thought it would be a hell of a rush for me, but it wasn’t.

On Saturday, I went for band, everyone decided to come late that day

soo..1 round of practice then i left to meet Sue for Peepshow’s EP launch.

They were awesome, so was King Kong Jane and Freaky Z.

When the band played “Come back to me”, they played with so much emotions,

i nearly cried.haha.

At the end of the launch, we surprised them with flowers.=)

I’m in love with Zaki’s lil bro….he’s so cute!!! hahaha.

Anyway, after that we rushed off back to Fengshan CC. I reached just in time to find out our driver was waiting for us, outside the CC. the 12 of us piled into the minibus with the instruments. We played with so much energy, but it was a down-er that the people there were busy eating, but they cheered and clap. So it wasn’t too bad, after all. So while waiting for the bus, we went a lil crazy.

Oh how i love my band.=)


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