cause, if you goooo…

Yesterday was a rather interesting day for me.

Started off really early in the morning.

Went to Changi Hospital accompanied by Priya.

Headed for band.

After band was when the madness began.

There was Priya, Hafi and Eugenia, all my bandmates and very precious to me cause I treat them like lil sisters.

We met Sue at City Hall, makan and stuff. Headed to Bugis to have our dose of Percussion Masters. Priya and me aced that game.

Then it was off to town.

We surprised jason thomas who was working very hard at folding and unfolding a shirt.

Then we met Hafiz, catched a glimpse of some percussion band which I saw at tampines.

We walked to Centrepoint to watch Peepshow, by that time we were so high or tired or something, we were cheering and singing to their songs.

Oh, what traumatised me the most was some old Iran guy came up to us and ask us where we were from then he said we were beautiful and he pinched my cheek before walking away.

bloody hell.


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