I’m so apathetic in my resentment.

Today, in the midst of sharing my bio expertise with my 2 students, I realised something…

I’ve not settled for less, rather, I’ve settled for better.

In the midst of desperation, people run to the first person who provides them with love and security, the necessity of almost every human being. I would like to think that recently, I have kept my guard up, so high up that I’ve never got a chance to be with the person I loved and who felt the same way.

And now I’ve found someone, in a million years, I never thought I would even think of dating. I thought it was worth a chance going out with him. You know, explore new grounds and stuff. He turned out to be the sweetest guy on earth.

The stares from unknowing strangers only got me thinking how shallow Singaporeans can be. And we choose to dismiss it everytime we encounter these people. Cause the world can say what they want, in the end, its just us.

And though feelings are still developing day by day, insecurities question, if I have settled for far less from what I deserve. The answer is no. I’ve settle for better. I do know that I’ve got a long way to go with him. And truthfully,I can’t wait.

So the world can say what they want, cause every second with him is perfect, for now.

Take my hand.
Take my life.


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