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when i get a voice like hers…i’d write you a million love songs. her voice is the sex….=)

When I see you lay down
Pink lacquered skies
I’ll give you something
That’ll shut your eyes

To this mess

When I love you baby
I mean it more than
just the whole world

And when,
I take a picture
thats instant
Lost tonight
oh baby it burns

I said
I remember it so
I saw your eyes
Go through the tunnel
and I remember
Australian sun
I was eight years old
You were Marilyn Monroe

oh ya gotta take it
oh yeah take it on
playing backyard Blues
blackheart stuck up in their jaw
I can nail
I’ll nail this on
Oh she ain’t the whole world

Break it down

Oh I’ve tasted
I tasted too
too many nights
Lost in space
I remember
kneeling down
On my knees
caught in the ground

When I love you baby
I mean it more than just
the whole world
And when
saw gypsy rose
Gypsy rose
she rose to me

I remember
a rolling stone
Oh rolling on down
through your bones
Oh ya gotta save,
you gotta save your soul

well She ain’t
the whole world

When I love you baby
I mean it more than just
the whole world
And when
saw gypsy rose
Gypsy rose
she rose to me Baby

I love you baby
I mean it more than just
the whole world
And well
when I know your sin
I know your sin
I know your wings

*and then…..


Thank you!

After tiring myself out at band, I headed to my cousin’s place. And they told me 2 days before that they got my present. So,i was almost crying for joy when i found this in the box.

Yes…my very own chanel shades =)

Somewhere last year, I was randomly looking through the website with Aresha and I fell in love with it. And i told myself I’ll never be able to afford it but everytime I saw it in a shop..i would just stare at it. I even thought it would be slightly cheaper in london, but it wasn’t.

And now its mine. I’ll guard it with my life.Heh.

So thank you Aresha and Aruna for my best 21st birthday present!!


what we did last night…

*p.s i want your seinheisser earphones…


Alcohol+Sex= Lifetime of regrets

Wishful thinking.


GH3 vs Rockband

I’ve yet to play rockband. But it seems much easier… and more fun cause more people can join in by singing and drumming.


You always come close but you never come easy…

I never once treated you like “Plan B”, if anything, feelings were there for years. I’m sorry if I made you feel that way. I just wanted to see if I could really get you off my mind by staying away, but I couldn’t. I could only pretend that I was moving on and pretend that it didn’t hurt when you were dating the other girl. And maybe dating other guys did help a little, but I always found you understood me the most. For once, you were willing to take a risk, but became insecure too quick….its like i’m falling into an endless pit and i’m just waiting to crash and burn… know that i’ll have no chance in hell with you.

Suddenly the other guys seem to mean nothing to me….

then again,maybe i’m just being silly…..

I’ll leave the lights down low
so she knows I mean business
And maybe we could talk this over
Cause I could be your best bet
Let alone your worst ex
And let alone your worst…

I wanna hate you so bad
But I can’t stop this
anymore than you can

So honestly, how could you say those things
when you know they don’t mean anything
And you know very well
that I can’t keep my hands to myself

This is all wrong and it shows
There’s certain things I promised not to let you know,
not to let you know
I never,

You’ve got this silly way
of keeping me on the edge of my seat

But you’re only counting the clock against the train
And I’m miserable,
And you’re just getting started
I’m miserable,

You’ve got me right where you want me
Let’s never talk, let’s never,
let’s never talk about this again because…
I didn’t want it to mean that much to me

Anyway… yeah



Thats what we did on Sunday.

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