What I hate about this situation…

I get upset whenever I hear your voice.

I get upset after everything is over.

I hate walking away from you.

I hate to see you walk away from me.

I hate the goodbyes.

I hate feeling I’m the only one who feels the way I do.

I hate liking you.

and I wish it didn’t hurt.


Somehow today I felt better. But I guess i’ll be back where I started on Saturday.

This song is what I feel. And no, I ain’t cutting myself.  There are other ways of making yourself feel better.

Just ask me.

It’s our time to shine through the down
Glorified by what is ours
We’ve fallen in love
We’ve fallen in love
It was the best idea I ever had

Today I fell and felt better
Just knowing this matters
I just feel stronger and SHARPER
Found a box of sharp objects what a beautiful THING

Do you want a song of glory

*one glance and you know I’m imperfect, but what makes you so perfect that your head is bigger than us all?


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