my wasted heart.

in utter coincidence, close to tears, i heard this song(recommended by suee:)). We’re moving on….right?

We’re both so happy with what we’ve got right now. Finally….closure. I can finally look at you, without guilt, without feeling like crap.

Just for tonight, let my wasted heart, miss you…..one last time.

You said you loved me
More than anyone else could ever know

But now you’re leaving
Can’t we just try to work this out
And I’ve never been one to brag

The nights get lonely
And all I have left is a memory of you

I tried to say this
But now there’s nothing left for me to do
And I’ve never been one to brag

Please don’t go, just stay
I watched with tears in my eyes as you walked away
Miss your voice, and your touch

And if I told you I loved you could that be enough?

An awkward silence
It’s been too long since I’ve heard from you
And I lay sleepless
Knowing that my heart still belongs to you

And I’ve never been one to brag

And tonight I’ll stay home and miss you more than you’ll ever know

*finally, its all over now.=)


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