My lil morning surprise

I woke up this morning, wanting to scream. Cause I haven’t heard from this idiot in a while. This is roughly how our conversation went at 7am.

Me: Hello (in a very sleepy voice)

A: Hey babe!

Me: Who is this?

A: Your worst nightmare.

Me:OMG! where have you been?

A: with the famous.

Then it went on with the how are you…and what am i currently doing..what he is currently doing….(being famous)How he thought percussionistas rocked.=)Then the idiot forgot the time difference.anyway, let me continue..

Me: Why a random call after a billion years?

A: I suddenly miss you.

Me: awwww…you know you’re getting famous among my friends here.

A: How is that even possible, stop spreading my pictures around!For your eyes only.

Me: Yeah right.Single now?

A: yes….

and then some embarrasing private conversation and talk about love life…

A: someone is getting her flirt on. fiesty!

Me: stfu!

The whole conversation lasted an hour. After his tour, he’s thinking of travelling…just pray he decides to come here.

*I miss you too!!


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