Everything else but the fireworks

So we didn’t go cycling cause it was raining.

So Sebastian told me that we were going town( i kinda invited him along) along with Ivan, Eugenia and her sis.

Her sis brought a friend named Jack and I called Priya along. So ended up with 7 of us, heading to watch the fireworks at the old Supreme Court which had the almost perfect view of the fireworks. At the end of it, I was tired though I only went out at 5pm. I got a lil moody.

and all your promises broke fast those are words you can’t take back
what good is this ending when we’re just fighting all the time
you’re speaking slowly but your words speed through my heart
give it a rest its for the best good bye
inside my heart and i’ll watch it fade into the night sky
driving faster to get away wont stop until the sunrise
fill up the tank im on my own again
ill find a way to make it something i can live with in the end

this is the hardest part
can we go back to the start this is the worst time
i let this happen again


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