Okay its 12.03am. I’m cringing at the Bio Book. 6 students will be taking their Prelims this wednesday, so imagine my stress. So i’m creating a little checklist. The things i do for people, i must be one of those semangat kebabian tutors balls.

Anyone believing the liar, recently?

Tuesday is the day my relatives from Lon-Dun arrive, i bet its gonna be chaos and i notice the anticipation in my mum as she gets bitchy and start blaming me for every little thing left undone in the house. So the house is looking rather neat and you’d notice the very bright tablecloth covering my piano, a bit blinding.

I’m slowly beginning to realise the one possible birthday wish(i’ve been wishing since beginning of the year) will not come true. I wonder if I’ll ever see that face again….

* 2 days or so till my dearest cousins are here

*5 days or so  till my birthday

I’m so happy. Cause today I found my friends.
They’re in my head. I’m so ugly. But that’s ok.
‘Cause so are you. We’ve broke our mirrors.
Sunday morning. Is everyday for all I care.
And I’m not scared. Light my candles. In a daze cause I’ve found god.

Yeah yeah yeah yeah…..

I’m so lonely. And that’s ok.
I shaved my head. And I’m not sad, and just maybe
I’m to blame for all I’ve heard. And I’m not sure.
I’m so excited. I can’t wait to meet you there.
And I don’t care. I’m so horny. But that’s ok. My will is good.

I like it. I’m not gonna crack.
I miss you. I’m not gonna crack.
I love you.I’m not gonna crack.
I kill you. I’m not gonna crack.


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