Post birthday…

Friday evening, the band mates planned a birthday bash for me(thank you..I love you guys)…it was fun except in the end cause  the rubber band snap was really painful. Made me realise how much I hate dares and I won’t be doing it for a long time. Anyway, if you wanna see the funny and ridiculous things i did, just search Prim’s birthday bash on youtube.

The cousins and I and Sebas went to St. James, which we got in for free and my cousins paid for drinks. By the time I left, my cousins were high, Sebas and I were sober, I can’t believe my alcohol tolerance.

Saturday was spent teaching Priya and I went to my grandma’s house to eat and headed to timbre over at Arts House. Sat and drank for awhile and then I started feeling sick so I went home.

Today I picked up the other load of relatives from London. They are all heading to M’sia on Tuesday…all 9 of them. I’ll be less busy.

I’m tired.


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