They are gone.

Did I mention that some of my relatives have gone back?

Anyway, they are upset that I wrote the below post about them.

Its not like I didn’t want to bring them out. But everyone had their own thing they wanted to do. And it became rather confusing for me. And there were times, I was glad that they knew what they wanted to do and all I had to do was go along and bring them there or something. The beginning part of the holiday was fun cause I could tell they were having fun, but by the time it was the third week it kind of changed.

So yes, I did say I was fed up after awhile. Cause everyone had something they wanted to do or something they needed to buy right before they went back. And if I was really angry, I wouldn’t turn up at all. Cause sometimes, its like 3 or 4 people asking me questions at the same time and I’m one person who can’t take it all.

The other people made it worse cause they expected me to be at a certain place at a certain time with them when they all were just enjoying themselves and contented with where they were.

But I decided to take it all without telling them, cause I wouldn’t want to ruin their holidays.

The cousins, I understand if you’re angry with me for saying those stuff…. but if you were in my position, would you get up and leave or stay cause you know your cousins ever hardly come to Singapore?

P.S. I did enjoy myself but I hoped at sometimes you guys weren’t so fickle about what you guys wanted to do. That is why I gave up calling so much in the end. And the fact that I didn’t turn up at the airport is because my mum said I didn’t need to, not that i didn’t want to.


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