salad happy.

Missing band like crazy. I love my bandmates to bits. If anything, they are one of the few people who give me the determination to just keep going on.

I met eugenia today after a long day at work. She kept my mind off something that was bothering damn bad. So we ate at Carl’s Jr at East Coast, the former big splash. and we hardly finish half our meals. After that we were cam-whoring for a while…waiting for our meals to digest a lil. And then we decided to cycle. So we took a tandum bike(u know the bikes two people can cycle together?). Anyway, we got on it, struggling cause it was rather high for us. Barely 2 metres, the back tyre popped. We had to push it back again, and this time got a very pink bike. So 3/4 into the ride, I decided to sit at the back, and she would control. The front was so high she couldn’t touch the floor. Anyway, i kept making noise and screamed, out of fear at one point cause she kept going sideways and losing her balance. I took over in the end. Here are the pictures.

thank you for today=)


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