4 days…

i had this damn uncomfortable feeling on thursday… on friday, i started coughing, then the cold, then the on and off fever throughout the night. So Saturday i took mc…went for band, came home to sleep…then watched Peepshow=). i thought only Eugenia and I would be the ones going, but soon after halimah came along, and I bumped into laura and her friend outside centrepoint..so they came along. anyway, i went back that night feeling even worse cause of the fluctuating fever. Sunday, i couldn’t breathe properly, so another day of mc.

I went to work this morning thinking I was alright, but the moment i started work I was nauseated and could hardly breathe, went to a&e. I’m fine now, got 2 days mc. but i’m like trembling, i can’t write for nuts(the side effect of the medication)

I swear, I hate being sick….=(


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