Things have changed

So everything changed. Was supposed to be on night shift but change of mind. So i thanked my lucky stars that I was morning on the day of the rock show. It was fun hosting, me and Sue didn’t really prepare much, rather just tried to get familiar with who they were. We also controlled the timing of how long each band could play.

Anyway, it was a really long day, after work, I dressed up, headed to Bugis Junction. Met up with Sha, then Naomi. Went to eat cause i didn’t eat the whole day. Then dearest Sue got a little lost, so we went to find her. Headed to bras basah to get chop for the gig, we found the perfect chop. Met up with the rest of the guys outside Breko’s, they started drinking, Naomi and I decided to buy wine, 7-11 sold like little cute wine bottles.

Walked to Odiocrib which was in some bras basah-like building. All offices, all closed. So imagine how quiet it was. Anyway, in the end we had fun. Its been awhile since the VLC has been together. Shaun kept disturbing everyone with the chops. He was like the fierce, nonsense bouncer.

Anyway, my bro and his friends, naomi, ramon and i headed to tampines after the whole gig, ate prata!!!

back to another 3 days of work before my off day. dammit!


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