what’s running through your mind?

everytime i see you doing, what you do best and what you love, it makes me smile.

but i don’t know what you’re thinking most of the time, I wish I knew. Cause i have an unbelievably huge crush on you.

you know it but you dismiss it.

Shall i leave it as that? I think I should.

I can imagine you singing this song.(i’ll play the tambourine.heh.)

this song reminds me of the time my cousin(aruna), my bro and I got lost trying to find tyersall road.We kept this song over and over again, rather me(cause i found it funny).Good thing about Singapore, you’ll just end up going in circles.In the end, we did find the road and enjoyed looking into all the huge(really huge) mansions, we can only dream of living in.=)


1 Response to “what’s running through your mind?”

  1. 1 aroona
    February 6, 2009 at 3:31 am

    i just am.. LOST!

    …. sooooo fucking lost…… hahahaha

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