never before..

Just like how you felt how no one else in your life made things so hard for you the way I did….. the feeling is mutual

I may annoy you and irritate you but never intentionally…. like how you hurt me unintentionally too.

I was already feeling fucked but you provoked me further, because of that you got angry and refused to solve things.

STOP blaming it all on me. Made me feel like a fool.thanks.

Never before have i felt this terrible.(not that you really care…)That doesn’t mean i’m walking away without solving anything. Its simple to walk away from troubles/fights/arguments, the way you do it, with an excuse of me wasting your fucking time.

And no. I’m not ashamed that the whole world knows i’m fighting with you.

And no I’m not ashamed to tell the whole world i’m wasting tears on someone who hardly gives a fuck.


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