feel the heat?

I tried making fried rice today. FAIL!!! cause for some reason, i thought that light soya sauce didn’t give me the colour, i imagine fried rice should be.so i mixed in a little dark soya sauce. I got salty rice. I was so pissed, i wasted a batch of rice… had to cook another batch of rice and prepare the ingredients all over again…and the heat was unbearable.

Today, managed to see ethan. His 3rd month today. He can go out now…yay. but today we(naomi and me) brought him downstairs for a bit… he got cranky cause he was hungry i guess. He’s getting so cute!!! Baby strollers are ridiculously expensive…but it makes life so much easier.

Anyway, our much awaited online shopping spree together was fun. Though it was a pain in the arse to find a powerpoint for the laptop…seriously,fast food chains should have powerpoints but then again, you’d see more people hogging the seats.

We bought quite a few stuff.Contemplating on my very very nice lomo camera that I saw online. Online shopping is like evilly addictive.

I’m so tired…from last night’s left4dead session…. but always fun as you get better at the game.


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