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bored out of my mind

Using only song titles from ONE BAND to answer these questions. Try not to repeat a song title. It’s a lot harder than you think.

Pick Your Band:
Taking Back Sunday

Are you male or female:
This photograph is proof

Describe yourself:
Cute without the ‘e’

How do you feel about yourself:
Little Devotional

Describe where you currently live:
Brooklyn(if you see something, say something)

If you could go anywhere, where would you go:
The Ballad of Sal Villanueva

Your favorite form of transportation:
Bike Scene

Your best friend is:
your own disaster

Your favorite color is:
my blue heaven

What’s the weather like:
You’re so last summer

Favorite time of day:

If your life was a TV show, what would it be called:
What’s it feel like to be a ghost

What is life to you:
my blue heaven

What is the best advice you have to give:
There’s no “i” in team

If you could change your name, what would it be:
I am Fred Astaire

Your favorite food is:
number five with a bullet

Thought for the Day:
i’ll let you live

How I would like to die:
a decade under the influence

My soul’s present condition:

My motto:
Liar(it takes one to know one)


dream a little dream

last night i had a dream of you. in that dream, i felt safe in your arms. i woke up to realise you were not there. and realise what a bastard you were. i subject myself to your unnecessary critisms. and your misleading ways. why do you always have to build me up…just to watch me fall. and i’m always walking on thin ice. so afraid to step on your tail. i can’t be bothered anymore. call me a crazy bitch, whatever. i don’t care anymore. this is what happens when you push me to the limit.

Its unfair that i spend my time nowadays on the “what-could have been” and find my thoughts just wondering how the fuck are you?

* this is everything.


je t’adore

those two words mean a lot to me. if only you took the time you ask me what it really meant. i would have told you. but since you can’t be bothered then same here.


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listen up.

so i haven’t updated in awhile (okay, 5 days is not that long) but anyway, i’ve been busy shopping and stuff with naomi cause we’ve started our blog shop/or livejournal shop or whatever. Please visit our site and buy some stuff… we’ve got quite a lot of interesting and affordable stuff…..

today i went for bloco singapura’s practice for ndp. hell a lot of fun. felt out of place at first. but woah, an experience.=)


its the first song that rings in my head

its sad to know that the one person who i can’t figure out and treats me like crap, is the one person i love so much and knows me so well.

there’s just no one who gets me like you do.


a pocket full of posers!


Ring a noose damn losers
A pocketful of posers!
f- bitch!, f-bitch!
I’ll bring you down.

*i was bored, reading someone’s blog and the nursery rhyme popped into my mind.


Please…just let me…

bang my head against the wall for being gullible and stupid.thanks.spaceball1408163640_670eacaa1c

keep thinkin’ bout that little sparkle in your eye
Is it a light from the angels, or your devil deep inside?
What about the way you say you love me all the time
Are you liftin’ me up to heaven, just to drop me down the line?

There’s a ring around my finger,
But will you change your mind?
And you tell me that I’m beautiful,
But that could be a lie

Are you a heartbreaker?
Maybe you want me for the ride
What if I’m fallin’ for a heartbreaker?
And everything is just a lie
I won’t be leavin’ here alive
I won’t be leavin’ here alive, no

Temporary happiness is like waiting for the knife
Cause I’m always watchin’ for someone to show their darker side
So maybe I’ll sit back and just enjoy all this for now
Watch it all play out, see if you really stick around

But there’s always this one question
That keeps me up at night
Are you my greatest love
Or disappointment in my life?

Are you a heartbreaker?
Maybe you want me for the ride
What if I’m fallin’ for a heartbreaker?
And everything is just a lie
I won’t be leavin’ here alive
I might as well lay down and die

I’m holding on with both hands and both feet, oh
Promise that you won’t pull the rug out from under me

Are you a heartbreaker?
Maybe you want me for the ride
I pray to god you’re not a heartbreaker
This time around I won’t survive
Cause if I’m fallin’ for a heartbreaker
And everything is just a lie
I won’t be leavin’ here alive
I might as well lay down and die, oh
I won’t be leavin’ here alive


stupid gullible shit

disappointed again. what the hell is wrong with you. go tie a fucking noose around your neck and kill yourself. who gives a shit about you. not him. you’ve got to realise that.

April 2009