its a game he plays

the maximum amount of messages about 5 per day from each person.

a goodbye is no longer necessary.

he feels the need to ignore.

cause what i did was apparently too much for him.

and what he did was “probably nothing” to him.

he’s been playing this game far too long.

too long for me to back out now….revenge is evil but so god damn sweet.

We found a house with a yard
And moved all of my things in
And most of your things in.
And honey I was proud of it.
Honey I was proud of you.

You quote the Good Book
When it’s convenient
But you don’t have the sense
No you don’t have the sense
To talk this through to dawn.
Instead you’re slashing through the mud.

Some boxes, that
Hand-me-down couch and chair
That used to be at your church
We borrowed them from there.
A cabinet, record player with nothing but James Taylor,
Tore the carpets from the corners to put in that hardwood floor.
I’d be a fool to have asked for more…

[Repeat Chorus:] (2x)

The love you had was good enough
The past that we were stuck between
But so much stuff must go tonight,
Oh Lord, what have I done?

[Repeat Chorus:] (2x)



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