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wise words

from a crazy friend…

“Don’t jump the gun or you might get shot!


my much needed rest.

2 good movies to watch online or whatever, Obsessed and Taking of Pelham123. I watched obsessed last evening with Eugenia, it was a sweet but twisted show, it really showed how girls could go to the extreme of being obsessed about a man, start stalking him, taking over his life. Its crazy I tell you.

Taking of Pelham 123 starred John Travolta. I didn’t catch it in the cinemas cause nobody was really interested. but it keeps you at the edge of your seat. Showed how the bad guy(john) still had compassion for the hostages and the whole situation, I cried at the end. Don’t want to be a spoiler…go watch it.


A cool tribute

to Michael in Stockholm..


other than the fact..

I have to deal with liars…..

i have been having so much fun at the ndp rehearsals…


spot the distracted me…

this is why i haven’t been updating. far too tired and busy.=)


been waiting for far too long

for an excuse to drink… Yes, i’ll admit.I’m depressed. Terribly depressed tonight.I spent the last hour daydreaming and paralyzed in my armchair. I wish he never existed. cause today he decided to cut me off for good.

and i think i’ll never find out why.

So here, we are again
The same fork in the road
I hate you. You love me
This story’s getting old
The day that I opened up
You shut me up for good
forgive, forget, fuck you

You are a liar and a whore

So take what you want and leave
You’ll never get another part of

I remember the day that
I thought I would be free
I poured out my soul to you
exposed everything
the next thing I know
my heart is broke

my hand it’s much the same
I did my best to drink you away

So take what you want and leave
You’ll never get another part of

You are poison on man’s lips
Lured in by the curves of your hips
Come here boy, stand by me
Look my way, have another drink

I should have got up
I should have got up and left you

and I will never ever be you’re lover again
as far as I’m concerned, we are not even friends
this may not seem too subtle to you
the point I’m trying to make is we are completely through

So take what you want and leave
You’ll never get another part of



old wounds

sometimes they never heal. its a constant painful reminder of what we went through.Sometimes they are filled with regrets and what-ifs.People say to get complete closure, its best that we think about the lesson learnt behind that painful experience, and not to repeat it again.

i’m finding it hard to do so. i’m not one to easily forget, easily move on and pretend nothing happened. I take a long time to get over something or someone, I guess that explains why i easily get angry and upset.

I guess all that will change soon. I’ve been offered to stay away from this place. A place where i only know 1 person, and that 1 person, from what i know, loves me. Maybe isolation will help.forgive me if I’m gone.



when i told myself that i wouldn’t settle for anything less. I did. During that moment, he told me he’s leaving his mark on me, he did. During that moment, it was sweet nothings whispered in my ear and he looked into my eyes so intensely. I fell for it. When that moment was over, he left like nothing had happened.

To be used, is the worst feeling ever.

To find out he has plenty of girls by his side, makes me miniscule.

I have to make him disappear, out of sight, out of my mind, out of my life.

If only it was so easy.