My stupidity

My mum bought a funny gadget for the house. I was standing at the sink wondering what was attached to the end of the tap…then i turn the tap on and it was just like usual…it looked like a soap dispenser. so i thought it was an automatic soap dipenser. i left my hand there and nothing happened i started waving my hand under the thing ..nothing happened.I started looking for a sensor, i didn’t find any…. I was thinking why my mum would buy such a ridiculous thing. AND THEN i saw the lever thing. I turned the lever, and turned the tap on….. it was a water filter!!!!

I can’t believe i stood there for i think almost 10 minutes wondering what it was.

The best part is… the box for the brand new filter was just  a step away from the sink.All i had to do was look to my right and i would have known what the ridiculous looking thing was for.


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