such rage you could scream the stars right out of the sky.

A lot of people say don’t waste your time getting angry. But i think its okay to get frustrated with the people you care about so much. Because you unconciously set an expectation for them and when they fail to meet that expectation, you get frustrated.

Several times, recently, I felt unappreciated and used. And I’m sure many of you know it feels like shit.

Time and time again, I told myself that forgiveness is the only way to achieve happiness. But how many times can you really forgive and forget? What happens when “sorry” doesn’t mean a thing anymore? What happens when statements your friends make all seem fake and its all lies to you? Is the trust really gone?

At the end of it, you question, are they really your friends?

I might be getting a bit paranoid, but this is what happens when your friends have been backstabbing you many times.

He bends and he breaks
If he gives they will take away
His passion, his pain, his grace

He exhales,
A thousand black flowers explode
Into butterflies as they’re away

Rip them out, take them,
Burn to coals as they crush and leave nothing
That resembles a soul of a man
See him numb, see him crushed
Rip them out, take them
Burn to coals as they crush and leave nothing
That resembles a soul of a man
Leave them numb, leave them crushed

Took the fire inside
One too many times
He’s burning over and out now,
He flails
Up against the raging tides,
No more fights
Everything you ever wanted to see,
See it in his eyes
One more time

Climb down to test the waters,
My hands feel like they’re rusting away
So I’ll pace around like a lamb before the slaughter
I’ll stay here as long as you let me,
Decision’s been made obvious so I will return
Where I started I’ll stay here
When I’m finished I’ll whither away


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