too much, too much!!

I’m guessing the people who have decided to hurt me are too ashamed to come out and say they were wrong.

To think they didn’t even noticed that I was gone.

No, I’m not coming out to talk to them, I’m waiting for them to say something, cause if these people even cared about me, they would have apologised instead of killing the one thing that was once going right for me.

I could have fixed it, if I had people to help, but nobody cared enough, cause I think I was asking them to sacrifice half their lives for it(like i’m that demanding)…

and if these people wanna say something, I think they should say it in my face, cause I hate the whole insincere, fake bullshit.

unless they would prefer complete ostracism?

if you think i’mbeing a bitch, let me tell you now you guys are the biggest assholes for calling yourselves my friends

thank you very much..


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