Dear diary, my angst has a body count.

alcohol and left 4 dead is a good thing.

playing l4d while intoxicated is just love.

if only i was a bum, no job, nothing.I’d spend every waking night intoxicated and playing left 4 dead till i die of liver cirrhosis and blindness.

stupid numbskull.

I have grown increasingly patient, its amazing.

HOWEVER, i’ve become increasingly frustrated with ONE person. and i think she knows who she is.NEVER CHANGE i tell you this person, wasted my breath.

I’m gutting you out, does this make you feel safe?

Anyhooo, i’m not in love, dumbfucks.

just endless amount of infatuation. I feel like a silly small girl, dreaming of many things that involve him.

oh, perfect one.

” i haven’t lost anything, except my mind….”


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