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i need sleep.I was up all night last night. Started with a few friends over for drinks and movies. Ended with priya and i drinking the most. Anyway, we headed to timbre(priya and i), the one at substation was hell crowded with a snaking queue waiting outside. So we walked to the one at arts house, only to have our I.D.s checked, priya has not turned 18(only 3 months left). they didn’t allow her to drink. the staff were utterly rude, staring every time they walked pass, to check if she was drinking. If they only knew that I didn’t order any alcoholic drink. I swear I was so pissed. We ate our pizza and left for parklane to play l4d. hell a lot of fun, loads of stories to tell. but we came back at 6 plus, groggy and stuff. didn’t sleep, and we decided to go out again.

so i’m damn sleepy, the most was like a 15 minute nap, i think. Sleeping early today.for sure!!!!


feel the heat?

I tried making fried rice today. FAIL!!! cause for some reason, i thought that light soya sauce didn’t give me the colour, i imagine fried rice should i mixed in a little dark soya sauce. I got salty rice. I was so pissed, i wasted a batch of rice… had to cook another batch of rice and prepare the ingredients all over again…and the heat was unbearable.

Today, managed to see ethan. His 3rd month today. He can go out now…yay. but today we(naomi and me) brought him downstairs for a bit… he got cranky cause he was hungry i guess. He’s getting so cute!!! Baby strollers are ridiculously expensive…but it makes life so much easier.

Anyway, our much awaited online shopping spree together was fun. Though it was a pain in the arse to find a powerpoint for the laptop…seriously,fast food chains should have powerpoints but then again, you’d see more people hogging the seats.

We bought quite a few stuff.Contemplating on my very very nice lomo camera that I saw online. Online shopping is like evilly addictive.

I’m so tired…from last night’s left4dead session…. but always fun as you get better at the game.


To All My Ching Cheong Friends


if  you have few minutes to spare, visit Linoleum’s myspace, i dedicate the gong xi fa cai song to you guys.

enjoy collecting your moolah


I “survived”

i’m out of the hospital, finally.

I’m fine.=)

I’d like to thank the people who came to visit me…priya, halimah, hafi, sue, fai, sakina, faz,*him, aruna, mum, dad and grandma

and the messages and phonecalls of concern from the many others.

I’ve never felt so loved before.=)


all part of it.

Saturday was fun. I got overall okay comments. I’m satisfied cause its the people who danced with us, who “hit the djembe” knew that our music was good. In the end all of us were burned and bruised from music making so loud under the blistering sun. (the onion and chilli really helped!)Thinking of doing it again….we’ll see how. maybe this time we’ll play in the evening.

Pics will be up soon!!

something that I realised recently, brought to my attention by Eugenia.  A certain someone who has changed. Angered by what she said, I can’t help but think its childish-ness on her part. Trying to hard to be unique has made her look pathetic. In fact, the stuff the others say about one another, is disappointing. We’re all in it together, but its sad that some people choose to be ones that divide us further. If you know who you are, I’m sorry, but that’s how I truly feel, and I think we should talk.

Please don’t break up something so precious to me.



the messages of support for my band. thank you. i hope to see you guys this saturday=)


my pride and joy.