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You’re in a better place=)

I look back, I remember how much you used to dote on us, your grandchildren. How Nani was so proud of you.. she’d constantly tell me stories of the past. I remember how you’d smile whenever I brought you tea, when I visited you in hospital.How proud you were of me, that I was in nursing that you told the nurse manager in that ward you were in. I believe you passed in peace. I’m glad that I was the last one to see you alive, to see you take your last breath, and I choose to believe under your half opened eyes, you were telling me that it was your time to go.

dscn3461-1-1Changi Village will never be the same without you. Now you can enjoy drinking as much whiskey as you want up there.=)


oh no.

its  a crush lah!!!!!!

I wanted to type some long post. But my bro decided to come into the room. Yes, he has shifted the comp into the room. I’m saying goodbye to my beauty sleep.


whats wrong with the world?

Its Deepavali tmr. Somehow the excitement of it all is gone. Today, Darsh and Eugenia came over for dinner. along with relatives and my bro’s friends. Now that the parents are gone, and my friends are gone. My bro is having fun drinking away. Yes, drinking. the idiot! heh.

Tmr’s celebration will have me running in all directions in Singapore, trying to pack in as much visitations as I possibly can.

Aside from all that, my prayers go out to Jennifer Hudson in finding her lil bro and her finding the strength to move on as soon as possible…here’s what happened…

“Oscar-winning actress Jennifer Hudson has been devastated by the shooting murders of her mother and brother and the kidnap of her young nephew.

The bodies of Darnell Donnerson, 57, and her son, Jason Hudson, 29, were found at the Donnerson family home in Chicago yesterday.

William Balfour, 27, – the boyfriend of Hudson’s sister Julia – was arrested after a manhunt lasting hours. But he was refusing to co-operate with police, or reveal the whereabouts of seven-year-old Julian King, the son of Julia Hudson, who vanished at the time of the killings.

Neighbours said they heard gunshots at the large white home in the morning but it wasn’t until late afternoon that Julia Hudson discovered the bodies – Ms Donnerson in the living room and Mr Hudson in the bedroom. There was no sign of forced entry.”

“Oscar-winning actress Jennifer Hudson identified the bodies of her mother and brother at the morgue shortly after jetting back to her home town from Florida late Friday, the Chicago Sun-Times said.

Chicago police issued an Amber Alert, or child abduction bulletin, for King on Friday. On Saturday, authorities called in the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) to help with the search in case the boy had been taken over state lines.”



sing it

my brother sings, this is what he and his other friends did to challenge the talentshow organised by the school-they had a gig in his classroom on the very same day.

I’d say his band needs more practice after the O levels. But still I’m proud of him. Anyway, this is the videos.

1.vindicated-dashboard confessional cover

2.I’m not okay-chemical romance cover (solo fucked up)

3. Their original- this is where we part.


Fun while it lasted.

Talk about being fake…..

Dare you to say that you did not utter one bad thing about me while you were here!

Last night I sent my relatives off. The last of them. I didn’t get to spend much time with them, but I hope they had fun…

Pics will be up soon.


I was just sipping on something sweet…

My days have been so crazy. Because of the cousins from London, sometimes I feel like I’m just returning them the favour, cause they brought me around almost everywhere when I was there. Yesterday just drained me so much.

I’m tired of them being fickle and not knowing what they want to do and being fussy.

And the funny thing is now that they are here, the other relatives (my grandma and uncle etc.) expect me to be with them 24/7, bringing them around. And they constantly call me and text me to ask me what I’m doing with them. Suddenly my life has to revolve around them.

So imagine their surprise when I told my grandma this morning, that I was not at the chalet ( cause she wanted me to bring her precious grandsons to her place) and imagine my relatives surprise went i told them I was not going out with them today.

Suddenly the calls and messages stopped.


Thank you!

After tiring myself out at band, I headed to my cousin’s place. And they told me 2 days before that they got my present. So,i was almost crying for joy when i found this in the box.

Yes…my very own chanel shades =)

Somewhere last year, I was randomly looking through the website with Aresha and I fell in love with it. And i told myself I’ll never be able to afford it but everytime I saw it in a shop..i would just stare at it. I even thought it would be slightly cheaper in london, but it wasn’t.

And now its mine. I’ll guard it with my life.Heh.

So thank you Aresha and Aruna for my best 21st birthday present!!



Thats what we did on Sunday.



The past 2 days have been so much fun.

Abandoned houses. Gigantic mansions. JB seafood.

I get spooked out by the houses so easily.hahaha…

i miss this song!!!!


Feels like we’re breaking up acts.

Its hard closing a chapter in your love life, knowing that there were so much memories and to see all go to waste. And how you gave it all to a certain person, when that person doesn’t deserve it.

But I did it and it didn’t hurt.guilty,maybe. But feelings faded and I didn’t want to deal with the unnecessary.

So, my cousins and I had our lil adventure at Lim Chu Kang. We wanted to see the abandon HDB estate. It was freaky looking. We couldn’t really go in cause the army people were having an exercise. The place was pitch black, we did try to get in closer but the camouflaged army officers came out in the middle of nowhere and started coming towards us, they looked like shadows …..freaky.

Then we just drove around Lim Chu Kang looking at closed farms and camp sites.

Reached home 2 plus.

It was fun.

I dare you to take me for what i was
A loving contradiction (i dare you)
A perfect life done oh so perfectly wrong (to tell me the truth)
You say you’re sometimes overeager
But girl, i am no fool
I see through you
Then i begin
Without living with all this pain
My roof is collapsing and i’m standing in the pouring rain
How do i begin
Without living with this distrain
I’m losing my drugs and i want them all back again
Feels like we’re breaking up acts

August 2020