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My stupidity

My mum bought a funny gadget for the house. I was standing at the sink wondering what was attached to the end of the tap…then i turn the tap on and it was just like usual…it looked like a soap dispenser. so i thought it was an automatic soap dipenser. i left my hand there and nothing happened i started waving my hand under the thing ..nothing happened.I started looking for a sensor, i didn’t find any…. I was thinking why my mum would buy such a ridiculous thing. AND THEN i saw the lever thing. I turned the lever, and turned the tap on….. it was a water filter!!!!

I can’t believe i stood there for i think almost 10 minutes wondering what it was.

The best part is… the box for the brand new filter was just  a step away from the sink.All i had to do was look to my right and i would have known what the ridiculous looking thing was for.


i swear its funny the first time.


might be the answer to your question

why does life seem unfair to you?

my answer is: We make it seem life is unfair. If we look at it positively, its the mistakes you made in life that make you who you are today. Prob heard it a million times. but its true. If it wasn’t for the mistakes, we would all have child like minds. never growing and never getting stronger,emotionally, of course. If you live by the motto “things happen for a reason”….you’d know at the end of it..(whatever problems etc.) good things will come your way. It only depends on how long you take to move on from the bad things that are happening or has happened.

Whenever something really really bad has happened,I always thought it was god’s way of giving me a wake up call, telling me that I shouldn’t live my life this way.

I guess its all perception. how we perceive that certain situation its how we’ll move on from there. If only we took things more positively, there would be more good things to look forward to.


addicts indeed

left 4 dead till the wee mornings. i really must be mad. enough now.=)


what’s running through your mind?

everytime i see you doing, what you do best and what you love, it makes me smile.

but i don’t know what you’re thinking most of the time, I wish I knew. Cause i have an unbelievably huge crush on you.

you know it but you dismiss it.

Shall i leave it as that? I think I should.

I can imagine you singing this song.(i’ll play the tambourine.heh.)

this song reminds me of the time my cousin(aruna), my bro and I got lost trying to find tyersall road.We kept this song over and over again, rather me(cause i found it funny).Good thing about Singapore, you’ll just end up going in circles.In the end, we did find the road and enjoyed looking into all the huge(really huge) mansions, we can only dream of living in.=)


My little star..

my little bright spark

I miss you


the eve of christmas eve

I did this last year september…decided to do it again.

1.I’ve come to realize that- people are too self absorbed

2. I am listening to – Vermillion Part 2

3. I talk – about specific bitches and how everyone’s life is screwed up in a way.

4. I love – people who listen and not believe they are so high up.

5. My best friend – is gone.

6. My Car is- being designed by fabulous car designers.(dream)

7. My love life – an endless pit of problems and drama

8. I hate it when – i’m being ignored

10. Marriage is – diminshing in length.

11. Somewhere, someone is – getting jiggy with it!!

12. I’m always – questioning people’s action

13. I have a secret crush on – a guy from some local band

14. My cell phone – is dying.

15. When I wake up in the morning – I do a cobra pose(yoga) to stretch

16. When I go to bed at night- I dream of fighting with zombies and witches

17. Right now I am stuck – on nothing

18. Babies are – adorable creatures

19. I get on friendster – to look at pictures of self absorbed people(one situation/place-at least more than 5 boring same poses pic)

20. Today I ate- cereal

21. Tonight I will – be sleeping my arse off

22. Tomorrow I will – face the music then enjoy myself

23. I really want to- slap that ******* bitch’s face

24. Someone that will most likely repost this is- a genius


A mum’s message part 2

My dearest Natalia(yes, we’ve named you!)

I’m beginning to notice you’re growing bigger. But not big enough. The doc said you’d be my tiny baby. And I don’t really care. you mean the world to me. And my bad habits are all gone. I can’t wait for May the 28th.



(this has no relation to me)


I Am

blessed and contented with where I am now

not exactly with what I’m doing.

But still…

I haven’t felt this way in a long time.



A Mum’s Message


My dearest little girl,

Please get well soon. Mum and Dad loves you so much. We just can’t wait for you to be out.

Lots of Love,


August 2020