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thank you

thank you for the uncountable things you have done and this as well=)

Catch yourself in conversation Cut the line to make me feel alive

‘Cuz you know I’m not alive

And leave me with your complications

Take your life, you feel like taking mine

Meeting god we stand in line, not alone

No, where to go, I’m not leaving Not going,

I’m not kissing you goodbye

On my own, I’m nothing Just bleeding,

I’m not kissing you goodbye

Trust to take the right to leave me Waiting under dark clouds for the rain

Praying lightning strikes a change

As history gets lost and As I took that final breath I felt alive

Meeting god to stand in line, all alone

Don’t let me go, don’t say good bye ‘Cuz you know that I’m not alive

Don’t let me go, don’t say good bye Don’t let this love die

Don’t let me go, don’t say good bye ‘Cuz you know that I’m not alive

Don’t let me go, don’t say good bye Don’t let this love die


too much, too much!!

I’m guessing the people who have decided to hurt me are too ashamed to come out and say they were wrong.

To think they didn’t even noticed that I was gone.

No, I’m not coming out to talk to them, I’m waiting for them to say something, cause if these people even cared about me, they would have apologised instead of killing the one thing that was once going right for me.

I could have fixed it, if I had people to help, but nobody cared enough, cause I think I was asking them to sacrifice half their lives for it(like i’m that demanding)…

and if these people wanna say something, I think they should say it in my face, cause I hate the whole insincere, fake bullshit.

unless they would prefer complete ostracism?

if you think i’mbeing a bitch, let me tell you now you guys are the biggest assholes for calling yourselves my friends

thank you very much..


Reality hits you so hard…

the people you thought, who cared for you…would bother if you went missing.but in reality they don’t.

if you wish to say something, please say it in my face, thank you very much.


such rage you could scream the stars right out of the sky.

A lot of people say don’t waste your time getting angry. But i think its okay to get frustrated with the people you care about so much. Because you unconciously set an expectation for them and when they fail to meet that expectation, you get frustrated.

Several times, recently, I felt unappreciated and used. And I’m sure many of you know it feels like shit.

Time and time again, I told myself that forgiveness is the only way to achieve happiness. But how many times can you really forgive and forget? What happens when “sorry” doesn’t mean a thing anymore? What happens when statements your friends make all seem fake and its all lies to you? Is the trust really gone?

At the end of it, you question, are they really your friends?

I might be getting a bit paranoid, but this is what happens when your friends have been backstabbing you many times.

He bends and he breaks
If he gives they will take away
His passion, his pain, his grace

He exhales,
A thousand black flowers explode
Into butterflies as they’re away

Rip them out, take them,
Burn to coals as they crush and leave nothing
That resembles a soul of a man
See him numb, see him crushed
Rip them out, take them
Burn to coals as they crush and leave nothing
That resembles a soul of a man
Leave them numb, leave them crushed

Took the fire inside
One too many times
He’s burning over and out now,
He flails
Up against the raging tides,
No more fights
Everything you ever wanted to see,
See it in his eyes
One more time

Climb down to test the waters,
My hands feel like they’re rusting away
So I’ll pace around like a lamb before the slaughter
I’ll stay here as long as you let me,
Decision’s been made obvious so I will return
Where I started I’ll stay here
When I’m finished I’ll whither away


My stupidity

My mum bought a funny gadget for the house. I was standing at the sink wondering what was attached to the end of the tap…then i turn the tap on and it was just like usual…it looked like a soap dispenser. so i thought it was an automatic soap dipenser. i left my hand there and nothing happened i started waving my hand under the thing ..nothing happened.I started looking for a sensor, i didn’t find any…. I was thinking why my mum would buy such a ridiculous thing. AND THEN i saw the lever thing. I turned the lever, and turned the tap on….. it was a water filter!!!!

I can’t believe i stood there for i think almost 10 minutes wondering what it was.

The best part is… the box for the brand new filter was just  a step away from the sink.All i had to do was look to my right and i would have known what the ridiculous looking thing was for.


Audrey Hepburn is on my wall.=)

62596_PE169714_S4“People, even more than things, have to be restored, renewed, revived, reclaimed, and redeemed; never throw out anyone.”-audrey hepburn


its just another day right?

i was asked this question…if there was one person in the world i would want to spend the day with…who would it be?

the first thing that prob came to your mind was some big shot celebrity or something.but I was thinking of the people closest to me. And that one person would be the person i included in my tattoo. I would spend the day, trying to show him that things are always not what he perceives and that there are more things to life than his comfort zone.

I was thinking of all the things i would be doing with him…but i realised that my birthday is gonna be another ordinary one. living my day to the fullest.

Anyway, the bronchitis is killing me, esp the antibiotics…cause now i have this metallic taste stuck to my tongue and mouth. Its disgusting. I hate being this sick.

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